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Ancestors of Carolyn FRANCES

Fourth Generation

8. William Ernest SCHMIDT was born in 1887 in Parkersburg, Wood, WV. He died in 1948. William married Grace C. BURD on 17 Oct 1914 in Wood County, WV. [Parents]

9. Grace C. BURD


10. Curtis Marion HUPP

11. Jessie Caroline MOATS


12. Henry Claus FRAHM was born on 1 Apr 1880 in Nortorf. He died on 15 Aug 1976 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT. Henry married Margaret Catherine JENSEN on 26 Apr 1911 in Elizabeth, Essex, NJ. [Parents]

Entered the US through Ellis Island in 1906.

13. Margaret Catherine JENSEN was born on 5 Nov 1882 in Silkeborg, Denmark. She died on 20 Apr 1969 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT. [Parents]


14. Oscar Maurice BJORGUM 1 was born 2 on 1 Jun 1901 in Butte, Silver Bow, MT. He died 3 on 29 Aug 1975 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT. Oscar married Evelyn Poindexter KINGSBURY on 23 Oct 1923 in Chicago, Cook, IL. Oscar was employed as coach 4 1951 in Billings, MT. He was employed as teacher 5 1967 in Billings, MT. [Parents]

15. Evelyn Poindexter KINGSBURY was born on 21 Oct 1902 in Dillon, Beaverhead, MT. She died on 13 Feb 1979 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT. [Parents]


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